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About Energetix

iNet Sources its Solar panels form top class manufacturers in Asia. The focus is on constantly improving of output and performance of the Mono Crystalline & Polycrystalline solar panels. The application area is large Solar Panels Connected to grid and roof tops.
In aspect of selection of key products of solar farm, we make use of efficient PERC modules and leading inverter systems in the industry to provide customers with efficient, reliable and intelligent PV power generation solutions and energy service. We bring in a great deal of excellent technical talents from famous institutions and design institutes at home and abroad.

Renewable energy is expanding vertically and horizontally

In the vertical expansion, we mean solar modules with constantly improving the output efficiency and reasonably predictable(!) delivery schedules.MonoPERC, bifacial, thin-film are the major supplied modules at present.

In the horizontal expansion the new buzz word is ”hydrogen”. The production of hydrogen is called electrolysis. And the generator which the key component, is called ”electrolyzer”.

Our groups focus is on identifying the best electrolyzer for our clients power generation needs. At present the $capex/MW is high, however the world is surely heading towards hydrogen energy. Our selective manufacturers are in Europe and China. Upon request, we propose and customize a total solution or any required part of it.

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