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Facing Price Pressure?

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Facing Facing Price Problems? Pressure? 

Keeping eyeball on “Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE) is the to success”.

In recent past, there has been price pressure on the solar industry. We help our partners achieve investor satisfaction by focusing on individual or combined aspects:

  • Design
  • Access to better funding terms
  • Better modules
  • Saving of power losses
  • Yield

Our team supports the industry’s leading developers, financiers and contractors, and provides expertise in solar energy engineering and technical advisory services. We help clients meet challenges in planning and executing high-performance solar energy projects.

In addition we offer expertise in project delivery services. These include accurately assessing energy yield, developing electrical, civil and structural engineering-design + specifications, advising on project design, providing monitoring services during construction and commission, as owner’s engineer or lender’s engineer, as well as monitoring performance and maintenance during the operational phase.

Our R&D and engineering team is supported by electrical, geotechnical, civil, and structural engineers. Our track record of successful project delivery demonstrates our ability to bring these services together to accomplish all our clients’ needs under one roof.


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